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I have 30 years experience as a Psychologist, working with individuals, groups and large corporations.  Alongside I have worked in further and higher education; lecturing in Applied Psychology & Counselling for the last decade. Over the duration of my career I've practised therapy in the NHS, in the Third Sector and in Private Practise. 


In my Private Practise I work psychoanalytically, which involves helping clients to understand the unconscious effects of their past experiences on their present circumstances .  This type of therapy, assists clients in achieving a greater sense of wellbeing, insight and control in their lives, as well as working through specific difficulties.

I offer a safe, confidential space to work through difficulties at a pace appropriate to individual client needs.  With membership of the British Psychological Society, the British Association of Counselling Practitioners and the British Psychoanalytic Council you can be assured of quality of service throughout our therapeutic relationship.

Sharon Frazer


Accredited Psychodynamic Counsellor,  & Behavioural Therapist

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Meet Sharon F.C
Why Naturopathy

Why Psychotherapy &

Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling can help with a range

of challenges, including:

Stressed Woman
Stress & Anxiety
Low Mood & Depression
Confidence & Self-Esteem
Couple's Feet in Bed
Relationship Difficulties
Eating Problems
Bereavement & Loss

Simply leave a message on 07305 - 268 101 to arrange your space

Enfield Psychotherapy & Psychodynamic Counselling offers a safe confidential space to work through challenges.

Nothing Works Unless you do
Maya Angelou       


Personal 1:1 Counselling
Old Asian Man
Couples Counselling
Executives at Work
Assertiveness Group Training
Team Meeting

Therapy Fees

Consultation Sessions £40

Our first meeting is a consultation session which may take up to 90 minutes.  This is an opportunity for both client and therapist to assess the suitability of the service.  The session will involve the collection of basic historical facts and will provide an opportunity to agree a way forward.  There will also be time for you to ask questions and clarify any areas of uncertainty.  Both Individual and Couples Counselling commence with a Consultation Session.


Individual 1:1 Sessions £50 - £70 (Sliding Scale)

1:1 sessions take place once a week for 50 minutes at a regular date and time, agreed with you. Some clients attend twice weekly depending on need, but this is something that is discussed and agreed over the course of therapy, where necessary.  Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions are not time limited, which means there is space to explore issues at a time and pace appropriate to you. There is also opportunity to examine the influence of past experiences on your thought patterns, feelings and behaviour.

Where clients wish to address a specific, localised issue this can be done through Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy which takes place over a fixed number of weeks and is more concerned with the here and now.  Specific requirements can however be discussed in the initial Consultation Session.

Couples counselling is offered at £80 per session
Therapy Fees
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Feel free to get in touch with your enquiry using the contact form below.  Alternatively you can call and leave a message or email directly using the details provided at the end of this page.

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07305 - 268 101

Bush Hill Park, North London, EN1

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